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Content Marketing: A Quick Guide to Get You Started

Traditional marketing is increasingly edged out by the often-misunderstood content marketing. Yet, businesses need to leverage on a solid content marketing to keep up with competitors lest they are edged out too. But how do you get started on creating a winning content marketing strategy? Content marketing may, at times, seem scary and a difficult […]

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aCATor Story: Featuring Zoey Teoh

aCAT Penang regularly hosts events, workshops, and talks to cultivate the local tech and startup communities. The huge responsibility of making those events successful lies in the hands of Zoey Teoh. Get to know Zoey’s future aspirations, her favourite apps, and learn about the experiences that have shaped her into the multi-talented, capable woman she […]

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aCATor Story, Orest Bilous

aCATor Story: Featuring Orest Bilous

The aCAT coworking community comprises both local and international folks and this time, our aCATor Story introduces you to one of our many coworkers from abroad. Orest Bilous, a Ukrainian who loves the freedom in travel and who runs several tour companies, shares with us about his journey in life and his favourite places to […]

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7 Awesome Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs and Their Stories

The glass ceiling is hard to crack, much less to break through. But these Malaysian businesswomen prove that it is not impossible if you persevere. For the longest time, men have dominated and controlled the business world, and this also rings true in Malaysia. We hardly see women in the highly-coveted roles of leadership and entrepreneurship […]

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acator story: miki tan, miki tan, acat penang

aCATor Story: Featuring Miki Tan

Here it is, the first aCATOR Story to feature a member on the aCAT team and that person is none other than Miki Tan. Her official job title is “Space and Memberships Manager” but more importantly, Miki is the one who keeps the place in tip-top shape and makes sure our coworkers are happy. Read […]

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Founder Institute Penang Graduates Nine Startups in Second Cohort

Excitement filled the air. There were big smiles all around—and a certain sparkle in their eyes. Brimming with enthusiasm, they were all ready to celebrate a milestone—it’s graduation day. After months of grueling sessions, the 9th of September 2017 saw the graduation ceremony of its second cohort held at aCAT Penang. This time around, what […]

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Branding: What You Need to Know for Your Business Success

Branding will make or break your business. It’s as simple as that. But you might be wondering…what is branding, really? Is it THAT crucial for business success? And how do you get branding right so it works for you? As a businessperson, you are likely to have heard your peers constantly praising the importance of […]

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