Startup Story: Wanou, Toys to Life with Robotics, AR, VR, IoT, and AI

Startup Story: Wanou delivers ‘mixed reality’ experience to fans of action figures

Do you know toys can be brought to life with technology? @CAT brings you Wanou’s startup story. From Barbies to Batman, people have obsessed with character toys and action figures for a long time. But what if you could interact with those toys as if they were real and alive? Just like this. That is… Read More

Startup Story: Cytron Technologies rero robotics

Startup Story: Cytron Technologies brings robotics to the masses with rero

Building your very own robot has never been easier. @CAT brings you Cytron’s startup story. If you are into robotics, you are probably familiar with Cytron Technologies and rero. Cytron, an electronics company, based in Penang, was founded in 2004 by five Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) students. Their primary goal is to help others by… Read More

@CAT – Free Co-working Day

@CAT Penang is exciting to inform you that we will host monthly FREE coworking day (YES, IT’S TOTALLY FREE ACCESS) on every first Thursday of the month, from 10am – 6pm. @CAT wants you to bring yourself and enjoy the collaborative energy of coworking. WHAT TO BRING? – Bring your own laptop. – Enjoy the… Read More

Funding Consultation: Raising Funds via Equity Crowdfunding [Limited Slots]

In collaboration with @CAT and Cradle, Crowdo is organising a series of 1-on-1 funding consultation sessions in Penang to introduce a new fundraising method available in Malaysia – Equity Crowdfunding (ECF). The consultation session will be helpful for entrepreneurs/business owners who are looking to raise capital for business expansion. Crowdo is a licensed Equity Crowdfunding operator… Read More