We are a community for technology entrepreneurs, startups and digital nomads. Purpose-driven and collaborative, we draw together like-minded individuals, where they can meet, work, create and thrive together. More than just a co-working space, we are collectively on the move to make Penang a more innovative and start-up friendly city. All that we do is designed to continuously develop a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, for we strive to be the leading force that drives digital transformation within the region.

Our Mission

Connecting People and Business

To connect talents with valuable opportunities. From startups, universities to corporations and governments, we join the necessary dots to broaden the entrepreneurial pipeline—and more importantly, drive forward digitalization of the economy.

Accelerating Growth

To accelerate the growth of technology-based startups and enterprises. Paving the way for digitalization, we help jumpstart our local entrepreneurs’ journey by providing visibility, expertise and appropriate network.

Transcending Beyond Limits

To transcend startups beyond their boundaries. To sharpen their entrepreneurial edge, we push start-ups to do things differently by encouraging them to embrace the new without discarding what’s valuable about the old.

We Are Part Of Penang STEM

Creating Future Talent today

Penang STEM is the common platform to bring together various independent STEM learning organisations in a coordinated way to jointly create a synergistic ecosystem in Penang. It was officially launched by former Penang Chief Minister (now Finance Minister) Lim Guan Eng in July 2017.


There are hundreds of specially prepared STEM-related programmes offered by our 6 Penang STEM Centres: aCAT PenangPenang Digital LibraryPSDCPenang Science ClusterPenang Math Platform, and Tech Dome Penang. Check them out on Penang STEM website (www.penangstem.com).