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aCATor Story: Ricky Tan from House of Trainings

aCATor Story: Featuring Ricky Tan

May 2, 2018

Founder of House of Trainings, Ricky Tan has a deep passion for human behaviour. He aspires to change the landscape of education to have a balance in both academic and non-academic growths through his venture in training and coaching essential life skills to survive in this world. If you ever have the chance to visit aCAT […]

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tauras stalnionis, acator story

aCATor Story: Featuring Tauras S.

March 27, 2018

Tauras is a brilliant, young designer who has travelled all the way from Lithuania to Penang where he currently works and lives. Besides his passion for design, Tauras is also greatly interested in education. He has plans to develop Penang’s contemporary design community with various programmes and workshops. Read Tauras’ story to discover what makes […]

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coworking space, checklist, choose the right coworking space

Your Checklist to Choosing the Right Coworking Space

February 28, 2018

Previously, we talked about the origins and definition of a coworking space as well as the benefits of working in one. Now you want to try coworking out but there are too many spaces to choose from! How will you ever decide? Our checklist is here to help you do just that. To briefly recap, […]

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acator story, pei shan ang

aCATor Story: Featuring Pei Shan Ang

February 19, 2018

Penang’s UI/UX designer community is still relatively small but Shan is proud to call herself one of them. She may seem quiet at first but once you get to know her, you’ll find she’s a laid-back person who’s very easy to talk to. Find out how Shan came to be at aCAT, her favourite design […]

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networking event, networking tips

7 Tips for Effective and Stress-free Networking

January 31, 2018

In the real world, it takes more than raw talent to succeed career-wise. You need to know the right people to get ahead and networking helps you do that. Follow these simple tips and you’ll survive any networking event. Networking is the act of socialising to establish relevant contacts and advance yourself professionally. As an […]

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content marketing, content, content marketing strategy

Content Marketing: A Quick Guide to Get You Started

January 11, 2018

Traditional marketing is increasingly edged out by the often-misunderstood content marketing. Yet, businesses need to leverage on a solid content marketing to keep up with competitors lest they are edged out too. But how do you get started on creating a winning content marketing strategy? Content marketing may, at times, seem scary and a difficult […]

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zoey teoh, acator story, acat penang

aCATor Story: Featuring Zoey Teoh

January 3, 2018

aCAT Penang regularly hosts events, workshops, and talks to cultivate the local tech and startup communities. The huge responsibility of making those events successful lies in the hands of Zoey Teoh. Get to know Zoey’s future aspirations, her favourite apps, and learn about the experiences that have shaped her into the multi-talented, capable woman she […]

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