Gamasia Collective – Launching in Penang this coming 23rd April 2016!

We proudly present our very first annual GCS programme, opening it’s entry on the day of our official launch. Do you have what it takes to develop games? Have you thought of games development as a profession? This is for you!

Come and compete with participants of all ages. Winners will be granted an experience of game creation under a 6-month tailored workshop environment.


Join us in this exciting journey of developing games!


Who is this for?

  • Pure beginners looking into joining the game industry.
  • Seasoned developers looking to complete a game less than 6 months.
  • Young, committed and passionate minds.

Anyone are welcomed to join as an influencial spectator or as a participant.

What to bring?

  • Laptops and tablets are cool but not necessary (for web research only)
  • Notepad, memo
  • Stationaries (pens and pencils)


The activity schedule will be disclosed together with it’s content on the day of the event. Sothat participants will have no advantage over the rests from pre-event preperation. This goes in line with our GCS Programme Entry that the event’s activities are kept until it has begun.

09:00AM – 05:00PM

  • Grand Opening Ceremony (Morning)
  • GCS Programme Entry (Rest of the Day)

All activities are executed only within the venue’s premises. Participants under the age of 18 are not allowed to leave the event unless a registered guardian permits. Also, the event may dismiss on an earlier schedule.

What is GCS Programme “Entry”?

Think of it as a mini game jam with a theme, but without needing to code or draw anything. On the completion of the programme entry, eligible participants will get to join the programme.

Candidate Rewards

We are giving an opportunity for everyone to join our specially tailored 6-month programme. The GCS Programme entry is the only qualification stage to get this privilege and it only happens once per year! We might not know what comes in the future. So, grab the chance to be one of our first GCS candidate of 2016!

The GCS Programme Outline

GCS stands for the Gamasia Collective Shine Programme. This is a completely free programme that last for 6-months with a goal of developing and showcasing local made games. We do this by offering weekly mentorship sessions and tailored workshops throughout the period of the programme.

We thrive to provide support until you finish your game within the 6 month period. Do bare in mind that it is possible to end the programme before the 6 month deadline. All works done by the candidates are theirs to keep, copyrights are reserved to their creators.