House Rules


  • Usage of co-working space to conduct legal business activities only.
  • To be responsible for any damage to equipment and contents (i.e. furniture) of the @CAT facilities. Any damage must be reported to a @CAT’s management immediately.
  • Additionally, we ask members not to place any artworks on the walls without prior permission.


  • To be mindful and courteous to fellow members of @CAT and abide to the Community Protocols.
  • To immediately report any conflicts that arise between members and other members of @CAT space to a @CAT’s management.
  • To provide and submit to @CAT such information regarding member’s business as per requested from time to time, including, but not limited to certain standard recurring reports in request of members of @CAT.


  • You are expected to keep your desk area clean, empty your own rubbish into the rubbish bins provided at the end of each day. All waste should be disposed, please recycle where possible.
  • Smoking and/or Vaping is prohibited in the @CAT space.
  • No food is allowed in @CAT space (simple snacks are acceptable) except pantry.
  • Food with distinctive odors that is strong and penetrating (eg. durian) are not allowed.
  • Toilet and shower facilities should be treated as your own. Or not, if you don’t treat your own with respect.
  •     Daily cleaning services are provided, limited to washing and vacuuming of floors and light cleaning of toilets and bathroom. However, this should not negate your responsibility for maintaining general cleanliness.


  • As a shared workspace, you will need to respect your fellow members by striving to use the space as a quiet, focused and productive work environment.
  • Within the primary work area, you are advised to keep work conversations on phone, or with other co-workers to a fair level. If you do not respect others by creating undue noise, other members have the right to politely remind you of noise rule #1.
  • Personal or lively conversation should be relegated to the pantry area, meeting room, or outside.
  • Phones, tablets, laptops and other such mobile device’s ringer are to be turn down or switch to vibrate / silent mode while in the premise.


  • WI-FI Internet access for members is available throughout @CAT. Access codes will be provided to eligible members.
  • No illegal torrenting or piracy.
  • Maintain fair use of the network & internet resources. If you need to download or upload something extremely large, let others know or do it out of primary office hours.
  • Members who utilize such access in an inappropriate way may have access revoked.