Recap: Choosing The Right Technology Stack by Dr Lau Cher Han


In the workshop held on June 10th, Dr. Lau Cher Han from LEAD visited ACAT Penang to share his experiences on choosing the right technology stack when it comes to starting a startup.


Even with the bad traffic jam most participants traveling to ACAT experienced, there were over 50 participants who attended the workshop and asked questions along the very conducive workshop.

Some of the technology stacks mentioned by Dr. Lau includes WAMP, LAMP, and MEAN stack. The pros and cons of each technology were then explained and discussed, together with some case studies of existing startups.

Some points about the pros and cons of popular front-end and back-end programming were mentioned, including some points on Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, NoSQL and more.


Facebook live in action

They key takeaway from the workshop is that there is no best technology per say for startups to choose. Every technology has its pros and cons, so there aren’t really any ‘best’ technology stack to choose.

Rather, Dr. Lau advised the participants to use the resources & technology that they are most familiar with as they grow their startups. What is more important is being able to sustain before achieving success.

“Always look to sustain before success” – Dr. Lau Cher Han.

Asking about which is the best technology is like asking which one is fastest? Free-style, breast stroke or butterfly swimming style?


Networking and sharing ideas after the workshop

After the presentation, the participants went into a near 45-minutes Q&A session with the speaker, before a casual networking session that led till near 11pm.

Together with LEAD, Dr. Lau is currently planning to run a series of programming courses in ACAT Penang in the next few months to come. If you like to make a request or have a say in it, do join the conversation on ACAT’s Facebook page.

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