Founder Institute: Startup Pitching and Funding 101

If you have a strong idea that could be pitched more clearly, then join us for the Startup Pitch Bootcamp. In just three hours, this intensive workshop will help you improve your pitching skills and understand the components of a great pitch, providing plenty of practice until you get it right.

Pitching is a key skill of every successful entrepreneur. How do you communicate your business clearly to employees, customers, and investors? What are some common pitching mistakes that make you look inexperienced? What is the best way to pitch your business?

Who Should Attend the Pitch Bootcamp?

  • Anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching
  • Anyone who has an idea for a startup or an early-stage company
  • Anyone that is interested in joining a new startup or looking for a co-founder
  • Anyone wish to understand more about funding
  • Start-ups that’s looking for funding

What are some of the Topics?

  • What are the components of a great startup pitch
  • How do you pitch complex concepts in a simple way
  • What are some mistakes to avoid when pitching
  • How do you know when you pitch is good enough
  • and more…

Founder Institute has invited a number of guests and investors for this Pitching Bootcamp. They are:

  • Khazanah – Cornerstone Program
  • Tomohiro Miyake, CEO, ClubT (Japan)
  • Teak Capital Sdn Bhd
  • Pensonic Holdings Berhad

Agenda for Pitch Bootcamp:

6.30pm: Registration
7.00pm: Welcome Remarks And Intro About FI
7.15pm: Introduction of VC / Investors (estimate 3-4 of them ~ 15mins each)
8.00pm: Pitching Stage (target to get 10 start-up to pitch)
8.45pm: Closing

Pitch Bootcamp is Happening on:

Date: 2015-12-15
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: @CAT, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee

Join us for a fun evening! To register, visit

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